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Permanent Lighting

Permanent holiday lighting offers convenience to homeowners and businesses, eliminating the need to put up and take down decorations each season. Additionally, they can be programmed and controlled remotely, providing flexibility in changing displays and schedules.

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  • Lasts 10+ years

  • Bluetooth and  Wifi capability 

  • 16 million customizable color options

  • Holiday presets

  • Can be set to a single color, multiple static colors, or moving animations 

  • LED, Low Voltage

  • UV and Water Resistant 

  • Track Colors; White, Tan, Grey, Dark Brown, and Black

Benefits of Permanent Lighting


Convenience: Once installed, permanent lighting requires minimal maintenance and eliminates the need for repetitive setup and takedown, unlike temporary lighting solutions.


Aesthetic Appeal: Well-designed permanent lighting can enhance the overall appearance of a property, highlighting architectural features, landscaping, and outdoor spaces.


Energy Efficiency: Many modern permanent lighting systems use energy-efficient LED technology, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills compared to traditional lighting options.


Versatility: Permanent lighting installations can be tailored to suit various purposes and occasions, from everyday illumination to special events and holidays, providing versatility and flexibility.


Enhanced Safety and Security: Permanent lighting can improve visibility around the property, reducing the risk of accidents and deterring potential intruders, enhancing safety and security.


Increased Property Value: Professionally installed permanent lighting can enhance the curb appeal and value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.



Customization & Control: Permanent lighting systems offer customization options, allowing users to adjust brightness, color and scheduling to meet their specific needs and preferences.



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